Meet the mobility needs of your employees by offering them a simple and secure bike-sharing solution.
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Optimal fleet management
Users unlock the bike lock using the Fredo app on their smartphone.
Evaluate usage
Measure your employees' journeys and export key data (tracking and information feedback).
Commit yourself
Communicate about your commitment to your partners and clients.

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What are the different offers proposed by Fredo?

Fredo offers two flexible options tailored to your needs:

Standard offer:

✓ Application
✓ Back Office
✓ Connected locks
✓ Your brand on the Fredo app
✓ 7/7 user support
✓ Quarterly reporting
✓ Tools training

Full offer:

✓ Standard offer features
✓ Bike rental
✓ Maintenance
✓ Insurance

Is it possible to have fleet tracking?

Yes, a quarterly report is sent to provide information on the number of uses, frequency, maintenance level, average time per user, etc.

Do my employees have to pay an additional fee when using Fredo?

You decide on the pricing model (paid/free). For example, a weekend rental fee could be considered.

Is the Fredo service available nationwide?

Yes, Fredo can equip you regardless of your location! We work closely with a network of local partners who are able to best meet your needs (maintenance, fleet rental, insurance, etc.).

Are my company's badges allowed to unlock the locks?

Fredo does not offer badge unlocking. We believe that this limits the user's experience and the tracking of their journey (key features include: pausing during the trip, returning the bike and reporting any problems, contacting support, etc.).

Can Fredo locks be installed on an existing fleet of bikes?

Yes! We can easily equip your fleet with our locks. This allows you to get rid of the logistical constraints associated with managing your fleet!

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