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Offer your customers a mode of transportation adapted to their mobility needs during their stay.
Get rid of key management: save time on bike availability and offer 24/7 flexibility to your customers.
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Offer your customers the opportunity to simplify their transportation by providing them with autonomous bike rentals.
Facilitated management
Centralize your rentals and payments on a single platform.

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What are the different offers proposed by Fredo?

Fredo offers two flexible packages tailored to your needs:

Standard Package:

✓ Application
✓ Back Office
✓ Connected locks
✓ Your brand on the Fredo application
✓ User support 7 days a week
✓ Quarterly reporting
✓ Integrated payment and deposit system
✓ Tool training

Complete Package:

✓ Standard package features
✓ Bike rental
✓ Maintenance
✓ Fleet dispatching
✓ Battery regulation

Who is Fredo's service for?

Our bike-sharing solution can be targeted towards vacationers for their occasional trips and rides, or to tourists as part of an offer with tourism offices. It can also be offered to a company's employees.

On what types of bikes can Fredo padlocks be installed?

Our padlocks can be installed on all types of bikes (e-bikes / muscle bikes, cargo bikes, etc.), whether they are new, recycled, refurbished, and of all sizes. Only bikes with tires that are too wide (fat bikes, mountain bikes, etc.) are not compatible with our padlocks.

Is it possible to subscribe to a short-term contract for the high season?

Yes! We can work on shorter seasonal periods for a minimum of 4 months.

Can Fredo padlocks be installed on an existing fleet of bikes?

Yes! We can easily equip your fleet with our padlocks. This way, you can get rid of the logistic constraints associated with managing your fleet!

Is insurance included in your offer?

Our padlocks are ART2** certified, the highest certification for non-motorized two-wheelers. Fredo works with a network of partners who can offer you breakage and theft insurance for your fleet of bikes.

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