A new vision of eco-friendly and sustainable mobility.

Thanks to a connected lock, a mobile application, and a management platform, Fredo offers a simple, flexible, and secure solution for bike-sharing.

No docking station required! Rely on lightweight infrastructure and our connected locks.
Simple & secure
Users unlock the lock using the Fredo application on their smartphone.
User autonomy
Users use the bike for their trips and return it to one of the predefined zones on the map.
Flexible tool
Configure your fleet and measure its usage through a customizable management platform.
A tailored solution adapted to your needs
From rental to fleet management and maintenance, we customize our offer to your specific requirements!
Rapid deployment
Without stations, the installation of a bike-sharing fleet has never been faster (average of 15 days).
Full support from A to Z
From needs analysis to service deployment, communication support, tool training, and user assistance, we support you on all aspects!
For you
A dedicated platform
Configure your fleet with your logo, colors, and set service pricing.
A tracking tool
Measure the usage of your fleet, manage maintenance and user returns.
Expand your fleet according to demand and monitor its usage.
For your users
An intuitive application
Locate the bikes around you and easily and quickly unlock them via the unique QR code on each bike!
Return the bike to an authorized zone and report any problems related to your trip in your Fredo application.
Book your bike ahead of time, pay directly through your Fredo application, and compare your usage statistics.

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Managers: the management platform

How to access the management platform?

To access the back office, simply log in using the link and credentials provided during the setup of the bike fleet in your company. Once logged in, you will have access to the performance indicators selected on your dashboard, which represent the main quantitative data that you will be interested in.

Who has access to the management platform?

In addition to the Fredo teams, the internal fleet manager(s) will also have access to the platform, as well as the relevant stakeholders you consider (maintenance, facilities managers, etc.).

How to configure my fleet?

The management platform (also called Back Office) available to you allows you to access all information related to your bike fleet in order to manage it efficiently. Through this tool, you will notably be able to access:

- The number of equipped bikes that make up the fleet

- Encrypted data on usage (trips taken, average usage time per trip, etc.)

- Possible reservations

- Return zones

- Configuration of the payment and subscription system

Can we receive training on how to use the tool?

A training session is planned with our teams to facilitate your handling of the tool. Tutorials will also be made available to help you understand the platform.

Users: the application

How to access the application?

To access the Fredo App, it's easy: download it from the corresponding store, Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS, then follow the instructions.

How to unlock a Fredo bike?

To unlock your bike, it's very simple:

1. Geolocate the bikes around you from the main screen of the application.

2. Press the "unlock" button to scan the QR code on the lock and/or on the bike frame.

3. Check that the bike matches the bike profile, then slide to unlock.

4. Secure the chain under the saddle, and Ride on!

Where are the parking zones located to return a bike?

To properly return your bike, you will need to go to the various "virtual" stations in your city/company, marked by green zones on the map.

They are visible from each bike sheet displayed by scanning the bike or lock QR code. By clicking on the "parking zones" button, you will have access to the points where to go to return the bike.

How do I pay for my trip / deposit?

Payment for your trip is made directly on your mobile application. For first-time use, you will need to enter your banking information on the application when borrowing the bike.

As for the deposit collection and payment for the trip, they are made directly on the application, at the time of borrowing the bike (deposit) and when returning it (payment, if applicable).

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