does it ride?

Scan, unlock, ride! Rent a bike with ease and simplicity through Fredo's bike-sharing service.
Femmes sur des vélos en libre-service Fredo
01. Get started
Download the application
Create your user profile on the "Fredo App" and find available bikes around you thanks to the interactive map.
02. On the saddle
Unlock your bike
After activating your Bluetooth, press the "unlock" button and scan the QR code on the lock or the bike frame. With just a "click," the lock opens and you're ready to ride!
03. Full spead ahead!
Enjoy your ride
Ride freely! Activate the pause function to benefit from parking outside of the restitution zones. Once your ride is over, head to the green zone for the last step.
04. End of ride
Return your bike
End your ride by checking that the lock is properly closed, then take a picture of the bike attached to the designated fixed rack.

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Download the application and get on your bike!
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How to access the application?

To access the Fredo App, it's very simple: download it from the corresponding store, Play store for Android or App store for iOS, then follow the instructions.

How to unlock a Fredo bike?

Unlocking your bike is very easy:

1. Geolocate the bikes around you from the main screen of the application.

2. Press the "unlock" button to scan the QR code on the lock and/or on the bike frame.

3. Verify that the bike matches the bike profile, then slide to unlock.

4. Secure the chain under the seat, and Ride!

Where are the parking areas to return a bike located?

To properly return your bike, you need to go to the different "virtual" stations in your city/company, marked by green zones on the map.

They are visible from each bike profile that appears when scanning the bike or lock QR code. By clicking on the "parking areas" button, you will have access to the points where to return the bike.

How to pay for my trip/deposit?

Payment for your trip is made directly on your mobile application. For a first use, you will need to enter your bank information on the application when borrowing the bike.

As for the collection of the deposit and payment of the trip, these are made directly on the application when borrowing the bike (deposit) and at its return (payment, if applicable).

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